Tips and tricks for an unforgetable luxury holiday

Prospecting the perfect luxury vacation and you need to rent a car for your luxury vacation at affordable prices ? Here is a list of advices :

Sometimes I think there’s nothing a good hotel concierge can’t do for you, at least within reason. Luxury hotel concierges are the ultimate insiders with a super network of connections. Do you need last-minute tickets to a sold-out show, a table at a seemingly booked restaurant, or help with a replacement passport? The best concierges can oftentimes make just that happen or, at the very least, offer an alternative that is sure to please. While concierge services are free, don’t forget to tip, particularly if someone has gone out of their way to pull strings for you; even better, tip right away upon your first introduction. After all, what they can accomplish just might be the highlight of your vacation.

Visitors to London should try the quintessentially British institution of afternoon tea. Many places lay it on, but the older and more elegant establishments seem to make it an extra special occasion. A visit to the UK without afternoon tea – well, it just wouldn’t be cricket, as we British say.

If you’re planning to see a show in London or New York, before you pay top dollar, visit the TKTS ticket booth in Leicester Square (London) or Times Square (New York) – you can buy tickets for all the best shows for half price or at a heavy discount.

When dealing with a hotel, agent or villa owner directly, always ask for a discount. If you don’t ask, they won’t offer.

Consider a holiday in the UK, you’ll avoid the expense, time and stress of a flight. The British countryside is beautiful and there are many wonderful places to relax and enjoy its splendour, also you just might find a whole new appreciation of your home.

Inform yourself (and stay updated) about the most recent safety and security situation of your destination by consulting the website of the government of your home country. If your country does not have one, you can always consult the up-to-date travel advice on the excellent websites of the UK Government, the USA Department of State, and the Australian Government.

Book your flights and accommodations in advance to avoid extra costs and huge disappointment.

Get the most for your transportation dollar. A rule of thumb is to apply long-haul flights to longer trips and short-haul flights to shorter ones. The latter are cheaper and more easily earned with points. This will keep your daily costs down. To calculate the cost of your trip on a per day basis:
Determine a reasonable daily budget including accommodation, food, etc.
Multiply that figure by the number of days you’ll travel.
Add the cost of your flight.
Divide the total by the number of days you’ll be traveling.

Travel the perimeter of Western Europe rather than the center. Cities that are farther out from the center tend to be less expensive. Think Porto, Portugal; Valetta, Malta; or Athens, Greece. The same does not apply to northern Europe which is quite expensive.

Suggested destinations : If you’re looking for an urban escape, there is nowhere more romantic than Paris. What is there to say about the city of love that you don’t already know? Of course there are restaurants that are out of this world and museums with some of the best artwork in the universe, but my personal favorite part of Paris if you’re looking for romance is just wandering the streets and stumbling into tiny cafes and sipping wine, sampling cheese and baguettes. Cozying up in cafes is certainly a favorite pastime of mine. I also highly recommend doing a romantic night tour with Cedric. He shows you a side of the city of light that only comes to life after dark!

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