Salamanca tours and routes

The monumental Salamanca is one of the provincial capitals most visited by both domestic and foreign tourists, but the province is not as well known as it should be. We started the route in Ciudad Rodrigo, which is not one of the best places to start a route because it has so much to visit that if you are not rigorous with the clock you can spend the whole morning there. In perfect state of conservation, more than a walled city is a medieval city from beginning to end. It is difficult to make recommendations between visits but don’t miss the Cathedral of Santa Maria or to contemplate the view from its walls as indicated by the rental scooter Barcelona team.

Exit heading east on the SA-220 between changes of course and a vegetation that is populating as we approach the Natural Park of the Batuecas that hosts one of the milestones of this route, Peña Francia. A mountain of 1800 meters where it is a real pity that it does not have 3800. Unlike other ports the vegetation practically accompanies you to the summit and once the absence of the forest allows you to gain perspective, the panoramic views are impressive. At the top do not miss the circular viewpoint with the addresses of the villages in the region.

Following the route, and still inside the Natural Park of the Batuecas, with what it supposes of good for the day, we enter in The Pool. It is a village worth visiting and one of the possible stopover options on the route for the amount of rural offer it has. Stop at its Plaza Mayor, its arcades and atmosphere transport you to another time.

The route continues towards Bejar where the panorama changes due to its proximity to Gredos, the best of this part of the route are the roads until you get there because Bejar itself is more of a city than a village and less attractive to the visitor. However, the entrance to the town or the Church of El Salvador are more than recommendable.

The way back to the incomparable Salamanca we pass through Guijuelo, zenith of the denominations of origin in the peninsula in terms of pork products. Stop for a drink without alcohol and some mid-afternoon tapas, possibly my best recommendation of this route and all that I have written. Turn off the E-803 to stop at Alba de Tormes and contemplate its old bridge before enjoying the famous tapas of Salamanca at dinner.

Today’s route is short in terms of miles but very extensive in content. Variety is its predominant note, from cathedrals to natural parks, with plateaus and high ports on the way. Don’t forget to cheer up and hurry the time before the snow cuts the Peña Francia pass. Source: